Touch Artist

Zoë Tirado

Pussy Mask 1 and Pussy Mask 2, 2020 // digital print

Zoë Tirado is a multidisciplinary artist living in Staten Island, New York. She received her BFA from The School of Visual Arts in 2014. Often referencing her own search to define womanhood and femininity, Zoë's work explores the female body, the abject and identity. Referring to classical portraiture as a vehicle for her sometimes obscure subject matter, Zoë walks the line between what is considered traditional and what is obscene. She has curated and participated in many shows around the island and NYC, including but not limited to Enter Sandman: An Art Show Dedicated to Nightmares and Dreams, Ghost House, So Many Teeth and co-created the publication Whatever Mom. Zoë is the co-creator and collaborator of Queer Van Kult, an experimental queer quarterly performance and installation collective which highlights LGBT locals working in new media and performance art.